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Ship Contact

Started by Joanna. Last reply by Blue Dragon 6 minutes ago. 5 Replies

Spiralling In from the RNA World

Started by Joanna. Last reply by Joanna 9 minutes ago. 21 Replies

If Extraterrestrials Gets Shut Down

Started by Drake Empath. Last reply by Drake Empath 5 hours ago. 14 Replies

RED FLAG!..Beware of fake starseeds..their websites & Elshara..

Started by Vℓἇ∂ἇ.. ኔጡ።. Last reply by Temperance Annalia Seraphiel 20 hours ago. 55 Replies

The Apollo 11 UFO Incidents

Started by Thomas Loughnane. Last reply by Blue Dragon yesterday. 1 Reply

Current Media Events Hint at a Fake Alien Invasion

Started by Thomas Loughnane. Last reply by Blue Dragon yesterday. 1 Reply

Crop Circle

Started by Thomas Loughnane. Last reply by Blue Dragon yesterday. 2 Replies

Hidden Agenda

Started by Thomas Loughnane. Last reply by Blue Dragon yesterday. 1 Reply

My Thoughts About Humanity Healing

Started by Drake Empath. Last reply by Kevin L Lyerla yesterday. 14 Replies

Sirius and the Meaning of 108

Started by Darren. Last reply by Blue Dragon on Sunday. 1 Reply


Started by Corina. Last reply by Blue Dragon on Sunday. 1 Reply

Magnetism and Frequency: Knowledge IS Power

Started by Darren. Last reply by Blue Dragon on Sunday. 1 Reply

Humanity Healing


Welcome Beautiful beings of light to Extraterrestrials...


Friends are God's way of taking care of us, all of us...

& all great achievements require time to mature.

How important it is for us to recognize and
celebrate our bond of friendship & love, we

are so fortunate, a solitary fantasy can totally

transform one million realities & so

bringing them into fruition.

I thank you for your support & kindness,

you have found it in your heart to care,

thus we shall succeeded

in our endeavor...

WE love you, all of you !!!

Thank you so much for your friendship &
love,with our warmest regards
Basilis & Marie Helene


All our blessings and good wishes to you and your wonderful family.May Love, Peace, health and joy be with you all. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.The Team


you have the power to create change.






please do not hesitate. If you know someone who needs Distant Healing, prayers, Light, positive intent ...etc  i will join his- her  name to  our  list  



Prayer & Healing List


A big Thank you from our Heart to yours -

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Blue Dragon replied to Joanna's discussion Ship Contact
"Well as with 4th and 5th dimensions they are neither here or there so to speak almost but not all something holds on to the other side so the can return home is the best way to put that so i have read on a report which was clear on that so why not…"
6 minutes ago
Meindert Arends posted blog posts
7 minutes ago
Drake Empath commented on MaEl (Ametrine)'s group PROBLEMS AND ANSWERS
"With all due respect, I'm trying to give you suggestions on how to use the money inside that account to be connected with Ning. I know it is in his account and I know it is only he who has access to it right now. Like I said in the discussion,…"
8 minutes ago
Joanna replied to Joanna's discussion Spiralling In from the RNA World
"Indeed...... "
9 minutes ago
Blue Dragon replied to Joanna's discussion Spiralling In from the RNA World
" This are never quiet what they seems we must search for hidden meanings sometimes and see what is within"
14 minutes ago
Drake Empath replied to Jamie's discussion Urgent - Site may be closed at month-end (August) - It's a Catch 22 Situation with no solution!
"I'm done. You can sort it out. I'll check back in a week if site is still up. "
15 minutes ago
Joanna posted a blog post

The Moon, the Gate, and the Veil

Hi All,Here's my latest blog post at Heart Star, for anyone interested here, about seeing through 'the veil' around Earth - with some photos taken by me and Bareld (my Twin Flame) just before the Blue Moon at the end of July:http://heartstar.org/2015/09/01/the-moon-the-gate-and-the-veil/Love and Light to all here,Joanna.  :))See More
17 minutes ago
Bob Figueria liked Madelaine's discussion Message From Sirian Mothership
18 minutes ago
Joanna replied to Joanna's discussion Ship Contact
"What are the odds, exactly. ;)) Including the detailing of the cloudform, with concentric rings around the rim. When I looked later at the phenomenon of fallstreak holes online, photos from around the world show that this precise 'ring…"
21 minutes ago
Joanna replied to Joanna's discussion Spiralling In from the RNA World
"Thanks for your comment, and bringing your energy and inspiration to this thread. It is indeed a profound topic, that opens like a very complex flower when you go 'into' it...the intricate dynamic interactions and interweaving of DNA, RNA,…"
26 minutes ago
Blue Dragon replied to Madelaine's discussion Dawn Katar and the Ascended Realms in the group ASCENDED MASTERS and LIGHT COSMIC BEINGS
31 minutes ago
Joanna left a comment for Dave Kenyon
"Thanks as always for your uplifting weekly message, your Light and shining soul of Love, dear Dave. Loving you much! Namaste! "
31 minutes ago

"Extraterrestrials featured Group"


Here you will find the Contreversial Admiral Byrd's Diary, Why Controversial? Some think it is Fake...


Here You can find His life, and you will see that coming from Such A Man , it seems very difficult to me to believe that he could create a Fake Diary!

Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, Jr., USN (25 October 1888 – 11 March 1957) was a naval officer who specialized in feats of exploration. He was a pioneering American aviator, polar explorer, and organizer of polar logistics. Aircraft flights, in which he served as a navigator and expedition leader, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, a segment of the Arctic Ocean, and a segment of the Antarctic Plateau. Byrd claimed that his expeditions had been the first to reach the North Pole and the South Pole by air. His South Pole claim is generally supported by a consensus of those who have examined the evidence. Byrd was a recipient of the Medal of Honor, the highest honor for heroism given by the United States.




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    My Family
    Although we dance in the dark, our song is bright lighting the path as
    it mysteriously unfolds and reveals our new found experiences.
    Sometimes exhilarating, sometimes frustrating and even heartbreaking,
    as each moment feeds another portion of wisdom into our Souls.
    You came into my life and we exchanged virtues, only to find our egos
    wanting to be Kings and Queens. Little did we truly know and
    understand this through all those years of trials and tribulations, but
    the tide is now turning.
    As our egos melt in sojourn with the Poles a new found awareness
    resonates within, opening up new possibilities of harmonious
    interludes with kindred souls.
    A family beckons, in a time and place whose structure has never
    existed before anywhere in all of creation. A family of true Love, that
    never squabbles, that will never judge, persecute or condemn.
    This I know, for I know my heart, and my heart tells me that this
    family is in the process of becoming, for our Divine Earth Mother is
    You see, my Song is strong and my Light shines bright, enabling me to
    see a little further down the path, and I see my Family there, all my
    brothers and sisters in the Light, with open arms and warm hearts.
    But only now do I begin to recognise my Family, and behold who do I
    I see You.

    I say unto you my child
    your time will come
    as feathers fall from the sky
    so will my Grace descend and embrace you
    as a mother holds her new born child
    for the first time
    Your Golden Glory awaits
    for there is no other who walks your path
    many will proclaim the glory
    but no other has walked among them
    and endured the ravages of Darkness as You
    You have stood the test of time
    and Salvation is at hand
    for I say unto you my sweet child
    we are truly ONE
    from Our Divine Mother

    For the Night has been long
    and the Shadows still dance
    with an increase in vigour
    as your Soul proclaims its presence
    in the Eternal Everafter
    You now establish yourself in the Ring Of Fire
    its pathway burns as the Polar Caps melt
    Freedom is the Call
    the Sound that reverberates from the Soul to the Ego
    embrace your Ego’s service with appreciation
    and be eternally grateful
    for you now do unto your Ego as I do to the Poles
    Liberation and Fortitude
    your Sovereignty celebrates its new found Song
    for I am the Pathway,
    the Doorway and the Light
    Soon you will despair no more
    for you may say
    I AM and I am Home
    for we are truly ONE
    from Our Divine Father

    George Kavassilas

    Extraterrestrials...Partners & we also are proud to support & Sponsor



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    them to address there own points of view, to be able to share
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